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How To Horseback Ride: Info For Beginners

Here is useful info for beginners on how to horseback ride

Know your horse

Before you start, you can not simply pick a beautiful horse and jump on it to start riding. That is absolutely suicide. It is good to feel excited especially this activity is what you really want to involve in seriously. Spend some time to know your horse is all you need at the beginning. Try to trust him and make him trusts you as well. Simple trick- feed and water him. To know how to safely feed him, visit www.newhorserider.info

Know the term or ‘language’ use in horseback ride

How to horseback ride if you can’t understand the command use in horseback riding? Learn all the basics command www.newhorserider.info.

Emergency stop

There are situations when a horse may panic. Handle this situation carefully. Don’t panic and scream to the horse. You just make the situation worse.
What you need to do is tightly hold the reins using both hands and pull one rein strongly than the other. Turn the horse in a larger then smaller circles.

How to horseback ride- other tips

1. find an instructor that you trust and comfortable with
2. never run up to a horse- find out why at www.newhorserider.info
3. Always wear safety helmet and boots.
4. Just enjoy the pleasure it offers!

Get complete detail on how to horseback ride at www.newhorserider.infoand ride like a pro!

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Simple Tips On How To Ride A Horse For Beginners

Here you will find simple but crucial tips on how to ride a horse for beginners . Horseback riding is fun but challenging outdoor activity especially for beginner. If you are an aspiring new rider, it is important for you to understand the risk and safety issues every time you ride a horse. So, read on rider!

How to ride a horse for beginners – the steps

Simple but crucial steps to remember!
Horseback riding is challenging at first for beginners. However, four steps below are what you need to remember and practice whenever you ride a horse.
The steps are:

1. Begin with slow walk.--- by doing this you will set yourself to be comfortable with the horse. Besides, you are able to find your suitable sitting position while riding a horse.
2. Practice right body posture---your body should form a straight line in order to give stable body posture and avoid back pain. It also give you a ‘macho look’. 
3. When you want to stop, pull back your reins( long narrow straps to control a horse) and sit deep.
4. Take your time to understand and feel comfortable with your horse. Just like a new car, you will take time to feel comfortable and understand its function.

How to ride a horse for beginners—understand the potential risk

---Horses are unpredictable and spook (scare) easily.
---Don’t ever run up to horses, they will feel that they are in danger and panic.
---wisely choose an area to horseback ride; safe place is in wide open area.

How to ride a horse for beginners--Do you know?

Standing straight in front of a horse is dangerous because it is the blind spot!

How to ride a horse for beginners—safety precaution.

Learn about how to ride a horse for beginners is incomplete if you don’t take safety precaution.
Safety tips you have to consider are:
1. Always wear boots and safety helmet for your protection.
2. Make sure you are relaxed and calm as horses are sensitive animals.
3. Never scream on a horse- you will definitely scare them!

How to ride a horse for beginners—the next step

Get complete detail on how to ride a horse for beginners? Visit www.newhorserider.info

13 Important Tips Every Beginning Horse Rider Needs To Know

Q&A For New Horse Rider

1. I am new to horseback ride. How to begin?

First, welcome to this challenging activity. Hope you will enjoy you horseback riding lesson and soon will become pro rider. Before you begin, it is recommended to get some knowledge about horseback riding basics so you have clear idea and insight about this fun activity. For beginners, get all information needed at www.newhorserider.info

2. I am an overweight person, how can I choose a horse to ride? Does my weight affect the horse?

Well, usually experienced horses can withstand human weight. They have strong and stable backbone. Thus it is not a big problem though. However, if you are obese or seriously overweight, opt for a stronger horse. Ask your instructor or someone that expert in horseback riding. Another tip is, if you are active person, choose an active horse to. Some horses can be lazy and prefer to sleep. A friend of mine has difficulty riding her horse because the horse is lazy!

3. Help! I have difficulty control my horse!

For that matter, all you need to learn is how to make your horse listen and obey you! To do that, understand your horse first and build good relationship with him. Learn to care for him and know how to groom him will give great advantage to you! Find proven ways to control you horse here.

4. How should I determine which riding style suits me best?

For this question check out www.newhorserider.info for great detail for beginners about choosing your style. Some instructor prefer English style as it helps give better balance on the horse. However, Western style is easy to get started with. Whatever it is, CHOOSE A STYLE THAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.

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How To Horseback Ride For Beginners

This article is about how to horseback ride for beginners. Horseback riding is one of the challenging outdoor activities that gains popularity from year to year. However this activity can be risky particularly for beginners. Thus, having some knowledge about how to horseback ride is important.

How to horseback ride for beginners?

Spend some time to know your horse.

If you suddenly decide to ride a horse, can you just pick a horse and ride him? No! Horse is a living thing and can be dangerous. Try to gain it trusts and try to trust it as well. Approach your horse in calm and confident manner. For beginners, choose an experienced is a must. Never choose a horse that has a history of spooking.

Understand how to pick up a horse at www.newhorserider.info and get “13 Important Tips Every Beginning Horse Rider Needs To Know special report for FREE.

Oh I am new! How to horseback ride? Help me.

Prepare yourself

Choose a style-English or Western. Western style is for you if you want to ride like a cowboy did. Wear suitable cloths, boots and safety helmet. As a beginner, never wear shorts. I never think cowboy wear shorts while riding a horse.:)

There are numerous things that can spook a horse. Thus you should always prepare yourself to handle unwanted situation. Take some time to learn How to horseback ride and understand the tricks about riding a horse.

How to horseback ride when I am not feeling safe?

Handle dangerous situation

Emergency stop

There are situations when a horse may panic. Handle this situation carefully. Don’t panic and scream to the horse. You just make the situation worse.

What you need to do is tightly hold the reins using both hands and pull one rein strongly than the other. Turn the horse in a large then smaller circles.

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Horseback Riding Basics For Beginner

Learn horseback riding as easy as ABC here!

This horseback riding basics article is dedicated to aspiring new horse rider or beginners. Let’s begin your lesson!

Horseback riding basics lesson 1—self control

When you first learn to ride a horse, you should be able to control yourself. Simply mean you need to control your emotion. That is one of the horseback riding basics for new rider to master. Learn to control your fear, lack of confidence or over excited. You are dealing with horse- a living thing. Just relaxed and calm around him.

Horseback riding basics lesson 2—choose your horse wisely and get to know him!

For new rider, choose an experienced horse that has a lot of years of training. Ask someone that has ridden the horse before. Information to choose a horse at www.newhorserider.info
Then, form a good bond between you and your horse. Make him comfortable with you so that he will listen to your order. If you have a chance, try to feed him. Horseback riding is fun but not knowing its behavior will risk your safety.

Horseback riding basics lesson 3- environment factor

Area – opt for open area and avoid steep grades, fences or trees.
Weather—choose a day when the weather is nice and convenient for you.
By knowing some horseback riding basics you will greatly benefit and enjoy the pleasure of riding a horse. Spend some time to learn about Horseback riding basics because horseback riding activity is not about challenge only, it is about knowledge.

Knowledge+ challenge= pro rider!

Horseback riding basics extra- do you know?

A horse can sense if you scared- so stay cool and relax.

How To Ride A Horse Properly: Tips From Expert

Never neglect safety issues

How safe are you when riding a horse? Are you confident with your safety? In order to ride a horse properly, safety issues are your main concern. So, first tip on how to ride a horse properly is ENSURE YOU, YOUR HORSE AND ENVIRONMENT are safe.

  • You

Wear safety helmet, boots or any safety protection. If you have sight problem, wear contact lenses or glasses. Don’t drink before you ride a horse because it is important for you to stay conscious.

  • Your horse

Is he in good condition? Check his health. If he is not feeling good, chances are you will be in trouble when he starts to ‘get mad’

  • Environment

Where are you going to ride a horse today? Ensure the place is safe from anything that can distract the horse. Avoid trees or anything that is risky.

Which style suits you best? English or Western style?

Never choose a style because someone else asks you to. You will never learn how to ride a horse properly if you are not sure which style to follow. But, how can I know which style suits me best? Well check it at


Plan your riding lesson carefully

Always prepare what you are going to learn in every lesson. If you want to learn jumping, then focus on jumping. Not only it is easier for you but you can focus how to ride a horse properly by mastering one step at a time.

If you are new to horseback riding, the best place to go for complete and detail information is at


the site that created by horseback riding expert mainly to teach beginners how to ride a horse properly.